Grant Aid

Greener Homes Scheme

How to Apply

Since May 2011 the grant has changed and it is called Better Energy Homes Scheme                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Before applying, applicants are advised to read the Scheme Application Guide and relevant support documentation.

Application should be made on either the Scheme Application Form at  SEAI (PDF) or Scheme Online Application Form and sent to:

Better Energy Homes Scheme
The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
P.o. Box 119
Co. Kerry

Once a completed application form has been received it will be evaluated by SEAI against the above Approval Criteria.  If approved, a Letter of Offer will be issued to the applicant. The offer will only be validated upon the applicant indicating the applicant’s acceptance of offer by returning a signed copy of the Letter of Offer to SEAI, which must be received within 20 days of date of issue.

The grant offer remains valid for 6 months from the date of issue of the Letter of Offer. The offer will automatically lapse after this date.

Qualification Criteria

The following conditions will apply in the evaluation of grant applications and all conditions must be met in advance of any approval of a grant.

  • Applicant must confirm that the dwelling for which they are applying is an existing dwelling which was first occupied prior to 30th June 2008, has an existing heating system and has been occupied for a minimum of one year.
  • Applicant must be the homeowner and must have full possession of the property where the system is to be installed.
  • Applicant must fully complete the Greener Homes Application Form with information valid at time of application.
  • Applicant must supply bank account and sort code details to facilitate electronic payment of the grant. (Please note that currently we cannot process EBS and Credit Union accounts).
  • Applicant must agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme (see Section 11 of the Application Guide)
  • Product must be listed, at the date of application, on the Registered Product List (available on request or online at )
  • Installer must be listed, at the date of application and on the date of system
    commissioning, on the Registered Installer List
  • SEAI must still have adequate funding available to it pursuant to the relevant phase of the Scheme in order to be able to approve the relevant application

If you have any queries please call 1850 729 000 

What Technologies are Eligible?

The grants will be provided to householders who invest in renewable energy based heating systems under the following categories:

To read more about each category please click on the technology titles below.

Solar heating - for space heating and/or hot water

Heat pump - horizontal collector, vertical collector, well water or air source

Wood Chip or Pellet stoves – with or without integral boiler

Wood Chip or Pellet boilers

Wood Gasification Boilers

NOTE: Product must be listed, at the date of application, on SEAI’s list of conforming equipment (available on request or online)


What Level of Funding is Available?

Solar Thermal Space and or Hot water heating (Evacuated Tube) €800.00
Solar Thermal Space and or Hot water heating (Flat Plate) €800.00
Heat Pump - Horizontal ground collector €0                                 
Heat Pump - Vertical ground collector  €0      
Heat Pump - Water (well) to water € 0      
Heat Pump - Air source  €0       
Wood Chip/Pellet Stove €0        
Biomass / Wood pellet Stove with integral boiler €0    
Wood Chip/Pellet Boiler €0 
Wood Gasification Boiler  €0

For advice on the Funding please contact Solar Direct today


 Home Energy Saving Scheme

The Home Energy Saving (HES) scheme provides grants to homeowners who are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home in order to reduce energy use and costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions. The scheme is open to all owners of existing houses built before 2006. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland administers the scheme.

How much are the grants?

Grants are fixed for each type of measure as indicated in the table below. Grant approval must be in place before any purchase of materials or commencement of measures undertaken. Grants are paid after the measures are completed and the contractor has been paid by the homeowner. In the instance where the cost of the work (vat inclusive) is less than the fixed grant amount, the actual cost will be reimbursed.

Roof Roof Insulation €200
Wall Cavity wall insulation €380
Internal Wall Dry-Lining €2,500
External wall insulation €4,000
Heating Controls High Efficiency Gas or Oil fired Boiler with Heating Controls Upgrade €700
Heating Controls Upgrade €500
BER Assessment A Before works and an Afterworks BER assessment €80

* Please note that while you are entitled to apply for each Measure there is a minimum requirement that the grant amount in the first application must be €500 or greater. The BER grant cannot form part of this €500 amount.

For advice on the HES grant please contact Solar Direct today

For an application form please click here >>



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All types of Solar Panel Systems

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All types of Solar Panel Systems

Serviced and Repaired

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All types of Solar Panel Systems

Serviced and Repaired

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